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April 16, 2024   Jennifer   News

QVC®, a world leader in live shopping, today announced the brand’s next chapter which will embolden women over the age of 50 to seize what’s next from a life stage that is too often ignored and under-supported by mainstream brands. Declaring this chapter of life after 50 as the Age of Possibility, QVC’s new campaign platform aims to reflect age 50+ for what it really is: a vibrant stage of life, full of new questions, changes, opportunities and hopes.

As part of the Age of Possibility, QVC is introducing the Quintessential 50 (Q50), comprised of QVC hosts, celebrities, activists, entrepreneurs and more, whose experiences and achievements prove the possibilities that this time of life offers for women. With their fresh input, unique perspective and modern taste, the Q50 will help guide QVC’s efforts to support women in their Age of Possibility by influencing QVC’s programming and product offerings.

The Q50 features a dynamic group of women including celebrity entertainers such as Christina Applegate, Queen Latifah, Naomi Watts, Patti LaBelle, Rita Wilson, Sherri Shepherd, Sandra Lee and Kathie Lee Gifford; public figures including Billie Jean King, Donna Kelce and Tamsen Fadal; influential leaders including Dr. Mary Claire Haver, Karen Knudsen and Joy Bauer; friends and vendors of QVC such as Martha Stewart, Mally Roncal, Carla Hall and Kim Gravel; and many more. See here for the full list www.qvc.com/50.

2024 Quintessential 50

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