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Christina Applegate recently appeared on the podcast by RuPaul called “What’s the Tee?”

You can listen to her episode below.

Cameron Diaz, Selma Blair, and Christina Applegate in "The Sweetest Thing"

An interview with Christina Applegate, Cameron Diaz, and Selma Blair has just been released by Entertainment Weekly.

Before the women of Girls Trip taught us about grapefruiting and the Bridesmaids pooped in a sink, Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate, and Selma Blair were doing it with furries and singing about male genitalia in The Sweetest Thing.

In the 2002 comedy, Diaz starred as the promiscuous Christina Walters, who meets potential soul mate Peter Donahue (Thomas Jane) and enlists her best friend, Courtney (Applegate), to road-trip to what they think is his brother Roger’s (Jason Bateman) wedding. They also try to help their newly single friend Jane (Blair) get back on the elephant, er, horse.

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An interview with the writer of the 2002 film, “The Sweetest Thing,” was published by Entertainment Weekly recently.

The Sweetest Thing, written by Nancy Pimental and directed by Roger Kumble, ended up standing the test of time partly because it inspired a new generation of girls behaving badly films. As the forerunner to movies like Bridemaids, Girls Trip, and Bad Moms, The Sweetest Thing gave an unabashed inside look at how women really behave.

“The film really has such a crazy cult following, because it didn’t really do great in the theaters, but it’s pretty amazing how it still lives on in the privacy of people’s homes,” Pimental tells EW.

But Pimental says she intended for The Sweetest Thing to be a very different film than what ended up in theaters, and also subsequently on an unrated version of the DVD.