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Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

Character: Catherine (voice)

Directed by: Brad Peyton

Written by: Ron J. Friedman, Steve Bencich

Produced by: Polly Johnsen, Andrew Lazar

Cast Members: James Marsden, Nick Nolte, Katt Williams, Bette Midler, Neil Patrick Harris, Sean Hayes

Released date: July 30, 2010

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure

Duration: 1 hour 22 minutes

The on-going war between the canine and feline species is put on hold when they join forces to thwart a rogue cat spy with her own sinister plans for conquest.

→ Just like real spies… only furrier.
→ Unleashed in 3D July 30, 2010
→ Purr-fessional Spy
→ Bone-A-Fied Hero
→ Pawsitively Nuts
→ Top Dog
→ Sour Puss
→ Cool Cat
→ Sheared Genius
→ Stool Pigeon
→ Alpha Dog
→ Pack Leader

Character’s Quotes
Save the dogs, save the world.
Nice try Kitty, but there are a lot of dogs in this world, what are you going to do? Go door to door with your little sound? It would take you the rest of your nine lives.
You owe me, big time dog.

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