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Claudine’s Return

Character: Claudine Van Doozen

Directed by: Antonio Tibaldi

Written by: Heidi Hall, Antonio Tibaldi

Produced by: Patricia Foulkrod, Amedeo Ursini

Cast Members: Stefano Dionisi, Matt Clark, Tony Torn, Gabriel Mann, Perry Anzilotti, Torrie Gold

Released date: April 17, 1998

Genre: Drama, Romance, Mystery

Duration: 1 hour 31 minutes

An Italian drifter strikes up a romance with an emotionally troubled young woman, whom works as a motel maid/laundress and stripper in a small coastal town in Georgia.

→ They have nothing in common… except love.

Character’s Quotes
You know, I had this science teacher once, when I was back in junior high school. I spent the entire year ignoring the man. Except that there was one thing that he said that I will always, always remember. He talked about this law. You know, this ‘law’ that governed the whole, wide universe. The way it worked is that, all things that mattered would be returned. You know, that matter itself isn’t created or destroyed. It just lasts forever. We may not recognize them anymore, but they come back.

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